Epic Con-tent: The Anthology Fox Smoulder


Published: October 5th 2014



Epic Con-tent: The Anthology  by  Fox Smoulder

Epic Con-tent: The Anthology by Fox Smoulder
October 5th 2014 | ebook | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | | ISBN: | 10.15 Mb

This is a collection of saucy, steamy stories from Fox Smoulders blog, plus some new ones and the full title story, Epic Con-tent, which still contains some of the tasteful sexy pictures from the cover shoot. The only theme to this collection is that Fox Smoulder wrote all of these, and women love women, even if, in one tale, there is a submissive man in the mix.This work runs the gambit from sweet first times to the kinkiest stuff the author could think of without causing permanent physical harm to the characters.The first, Click, Snap, Ahh, consists of three snapshots from a night involving handcuffs, strap-ons and domination.The next story, Anything, begins with a chance meeting in a bookstore.

A movie night later leads to a deeper connection between Anna and Gessy, where Gessy proves to be a safe harbor for Anna, despite the difference in their ages.In Do You Want This? Bailey arranges a one-night hook up for his wife Mae with Cole, a lesbian who is looking for a diversion while struggling to deal with life after a break up.

This leads to a three way with Bailey firmly pegged down and Cole exploring new horizons.In No Need to Call Love, Ally has been unconsciously teasing Hannah for years. When they are left alone to do inventory in an empty warehouse, Hannah finally makes a move when Allys banter pushes her too far. When Hannah confronts Ally and finally asks her to be honest, she finds that she does want what Hannah offers.HSIT is a shorter piece where two lovers come together over a fondness for books, and the art of spanking.There is less romance and more down and dirty in What Do You Like?

Taylor is startled by the bluntness of Ginas question at their first in person meeting, but lays all of her kinks out on the table between their coffee cups anyway, and lets Gina decide which she wants to pursue. Spanking, pegging, domination, and more fill their night together.Counting Calories is a silly but sexy piece where the main character has chosen to participate in an imagined community that anthropomorphizes and sexualizes food through costume play. With a little light bondage and whipped cream, can a sexy cob of corn and a sexy banana find sexual bliss?Finally, in the title piece, Epic Con-tent, Sam, a casual science fiction geek girl and Lana, a mistress of steampunk style, get kinky and find love at a local science fiction convention.

This piece includes Part 1 - Friday & Part 2 - Saturday and a special bonus set of tasteful but steamy, steampunky pictures from the cover shoot that were just too hot not to share!All told, this is a hot bundle of stories at a small price.

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