Playing No Limit Holdem Cash Games at a Casino for the First Time Poka Paloma


Published: November 30th 2013

Kindle Edition

37 pages


Playing No Limit Holdem Cash Games at a Casino for the First Time  by  Poka Paloma

Playing No Limit Holdem Cash Games at a Casino for the First Time by Poka Paloma
November 30th 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 37 pages | ISBN: | 9.41 Mb

This book is for the novice poker player who is venturing out to play no limit holdem cash games in a casino for the first time. It is loaded with tips that are intended to help the new-to-casino-cash-games poker player look less like a donkey, or a fish, as newbies to casino cash play are called. “Donkey” and “fish” are labels assigned to players who play poorly.

This book is about how to not look like a donkey when you sit at the table. Whether you end up playing like a donkey is up to you.Why do you want this book? Because when you go to the casino table for the first time, you want to spend some time there, practice your game and gain some live-play experience.

You dont want to be out of cash in twenty minutes, and, you dont want to make a fool of yourself.Every other book addresses no limit holdem strategy- giving tips on the hands to play, calculating pot odds, and how to size your bets. This book addresses the telltale signs of first-timers and provides tips on how to make your first-time status less obvious to the other players at the table.Ive witnessed plenty of first-time playing-in-the casino poker players being taken advantage of by more experienced players.

I know that if the lack of experience was not so obvious, the newbie would have held on to his/her chips longer.Learn how to register to play cash games, why you should avoid buying the minimum amount of chips, how much to lead out on a bet, how a casino rewards card can help, where to place your chips, about chopping the blinds, straddle bets, tipping the dealers, showing your cards, and more.In no limit holdem, information is power, and when you sit down in the casino for the first time, you dont want the other players to know how little experience you have playing in the casino environment.

Experienced players tend to show more respect to other experienced players.At the casino, you are playing with your hard-earned cash and every other player at the table, no matter how friendly or engaging, wants all the cash at the table. No one came to fold.

Presenting yourself as having some level of cash game experience is one way to help you protect your chips so you can stay in the game longer and gain more live play experience.In his post about your first time in the Casino, Daniel Skolovy of wrote,The whole casino environment is an orgiastic feast of overstimulation. Its only natural to feel a little freaked out...After reading this book you will be better prepared to block everything else out and focus on your game while you face a table of no limit holdem cash players in a casino for the first time.

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