The Rodeo King India Heath


Published: July 27th 2015

Kindle Edition

42 pages


The Rodeo King  by  India Heath

The Rodeo King by India Heath
July 27th 2015 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 42 pages | ISBN: | 8.40 Mb

Fawn enjoys her quiet, lonely life on the periphery of the rodeo. She works on the beer stand where she observes the action at the arena. But one day, excitement comes her way in the guise of bull rider, Dusty Simpson, who just happens to be the hottest, sexiest man shes ever seen. The two get chatting but are rudely interrupted by Lucille, the rodeo queen, who, after aiming a catty insult or two at Fawn, reminds Dusty to join the rodeo team crowd later at the bar in town. To Fawns surprise and delight, Dusty asks her along too, and she has a great time aside from an altercation with the jealous Lucille.

But its Fawn who Dusty is interested in, and its Fawn he dances with, and Fawn he takes home.Fawn realises she has been saving herself for this man. She gives herself to him completely, even if all she is to him is another notch on his belt. She loves not only his dominance but the way he makes love to her and the way he spanks her bottom.

But the next morning, doubts resurface, and she leaves while Dusty is sleeping. Her doubts later turn to anger when she listens to gossip. But could she have made a big mistake? Does Dusty care for her more than she ever thought possible? Could they have a future together? Could be a good old fashioned spanking will help refocus her mind and help set their relationship back on track!

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