Transformed From Man to Woman Jillian Cumming



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Transformed From Man to Woman  by  Jillian Cumming

Transformed From Man to Woman by Jillian Cumming
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Handsome and daring thief Jaime has bitten off more than he can chew after stealing a valuable spellbook from a wizard, after seducing the wizards daughter. Unable to resist the temptation, he opens up the spellbook and starts reading. He wakes up as a beautiful - and horny - woman.

Unfortunately for Jaime, the wizard has found him, and he wants he spellbook back... plus interest. Will Jaime be able to please the wizard enough to live?Warning: this 3299 word story contains rough sex between an older man and a man-turned-woman. It contains gagging, rough oral, hair pulling, fisting, slapping and spanking, and an internal cumshot. For mature readers only.Excerpt:Experimentally, he grabbed his breasts through his shirt.

The flesh felt warm through the fabric. As he ran his hands over them, his nipples stiffened. He sucked in his breath at the sensation.His first experience in having a wet pussy came a moment later. He felt the warm juices flow inside him, and a shiver river up his back, chased by goosebumps.“Oh my God!” Jaime said. He’d always wondered how it felt for a woman. Their pussies always felt so warm and tight around him, but how was it for them?Just the thought of something long and hard shifting back in forth in there made him quiver.If his breasts felt this good to touch, he wanted to know how it was to run a finger inside his wet little pussy.

Turning, completely forgetting his pack, he dashed off into the woods. When he was barely out of earshot and sight of the road, he found a soft looking patch of grass and lay down.Yanking his pants down his suddenly wider hips, he flailed his legs until they flew off along with his shoes. Spreading his legs, he ran his hands down his hot and trembling thighs. He had to bite has lip as his fingers inched closer and closer to his already wet opening.

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